Project Description

Eco Guitar Strap Series


For our Eco Guitar Strap Series by CREA•RE Bags we checked different Guitar Strap and talk with several experienced guitarists like also bass players. The result is a collection that offers the best option for musicians who want an handcrafted and unique guitar strap, have the best travel experience and the ideal space for the guitar picks.
At CREA•RE we know that each musician is unique. For this reason each guitar strap is a unique model. eco guitar strap a eco guitar strap b eco guitar strap c

Perfect Balance


We design and assemble each guitar strap focusing on minimalistic design in order to valorize the subtle texture design of each couch strap. The composition of each MACBA banner is inspired by the contemporary artists like Malevic, Strzeminski, Burri, Fontana, Bordeta and many other great examples of simple and unique art composition.

Superior Sustainable Design


A CREA•RE Bag is more than a gig bag; it expresses our mission to design for a better future. We aim to a new circular and ethical handcraft philosophy. Each detail is designed to create a product made by recycled and recyclable material, to reduce waste and CO2 production. Even packaging is minimized, thought to be stored in tiny space and designed to be reused by the musician. Upcycled from multiple materials, CREA•RE Bags illustrate our engagement to mindful design, demonstrating that is possible to handcraft an highly durable product while respecting our society and the Earth. 

Eco Guitar Strap Bag

We handcraft each CREA•RE Guitar Strap with upcycled safety car belts and banners from Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona MACBA. The couch straps come from local scrap car companies.
We sew each guitar straps Crea•Re using pedal sewing machine from Forties: the Singer 17-2 model.

Couch straps are designed to travel and be comfortable and protect people in case of accident. For this reason the couch strap is comfortable and safe on your shoulder and for your guitar. Each guitar strap can hold up to 4 guitar picks (two in the front side and two in the back side).
The guitar strap is 1.8” wide [4,6 cm] and fully adjustable from 37.5” up to 64.5” [95 cm – 164cm] (pin-to-pin)

Composition & Details

Unique Craftsmanship

For each CREA•RE Eco Guitar Strap we choose the most beautiful couch straps, paying attention to color and texture. For each Guitar Strap we cut unique banner or truck tarp patter pieces  and then patching them with the couch strap that better fits in color and texture.
Each CREA•RE Eco Guitar Strap is unique just like you.

End Pin Grip

We use four layer of strong banner or truck tarp on each side of the Crea•Re Eco Guitar Strap. The holes and the cuts in the guitar strap are also reinforced to offer you a great safe grip on your guitar.

Precise details, strong accessories

Each CREA•RE Eco Guitar Strap is handcut, assembled one by one and hand sewed. Strong and light brushed nickel custom buckle add resistance and minimalistic design detail.

Eco Guitar Strap

Handcrafted & Ecologic Guitar Strap for Guitar and Bass Player