Project Description

Signature Bag Service


At CREA•RE we know that each musician is unique. For this reason we offer several solutions for musicians needs, handcrafting custom orders.
Choosing our Eco Signature Bag Service by CREA•RE Bags you get the best of the gig bags and cases in custom size and personalization. We project each bag taking care about all the most vulnerable parts of your instrument. The result is a custom signature bag that offers the best option for musician who wants to protect his gear, have the best travel experience, the ideal space for accessories and a unique ecologic case.

Perfect Balance


The Signature Bag Service offer the ideal mix between an hard case and gig bag offering at the same time light weight, water resistance, strong material and high travel experience.

Superior Sustainable Design


A CREA•RE Bag is more than a gig bag; it expresses our mission to design for a better future. We aim to a new circular and ethical handcraft philosophy. Each detail is designed to create a product made by recycled and recyclable material, to reduce waste and CO2 production. Even packaging is minimized, thought to be stored in tiny space and designed to be reused by the musician. Upcycled from multiple materials, CREA•RE Bags illustrate our engagement to mindful design, demonstrating that is possible to handcraft an highly durable product while respecting our society and the Earth. 

Signature Bag Service

Each CREA•RE Eco Signature Bag is handcrafted upcyclyng stunning and strong truck tarps, ad banners and car safety belts.
We take care about your instrument handcrafting interiors with upholstered high density or mixed density foam. We use human and child friendly certificated soft ecological fur. This fur optimizes the protection of your gear and keeps your instrument always clean.
You can choose from 1 up to 2,5 cm of high density foam in the whole case plus internal pillows to protect the most vulnerable parts  from any accidents in the best way.
The lining made of ecological fur and foam is delicate and respect even the nitro models.  

Each CREA•RE Eco Signature Bag is perfect and comfortable to travel by bike, scooter, bus, train, metro, even if it rains because it is rainproof.
Choosing Signature Service you can decide if order your bag with adjustable straps to carry your instrument like a backpack or a single strap to carry it like a bag.
You can add one or more comfortable and strong handles reinforced by rivets.
Each strap can be fixed or removable.
Each strap can be made with a car safety belt, inner tube, truck tarp or other materials.
The limit is just your fantasy.

Signature LOGO

We can add your logo on your bags. If still don’t have a logo we can make a stunning one for you.

Composition & Details

Lot of Space

CREA•RE Eco Signature Bags can have all the internal and external pockets you need for carrying books, sheet music, cables, a book, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, magazines and all that you need to make great music.

High Protection

We can add internal pillows to suspend the instrument in the case and to protect your gear from the most typical accidents. We can also add an internal hard board to give even more protection.

Sublime Metal Details

The high quality metal of snap hooks, head zippers and frame connectors give a great value and high durability in each CREA•RE bag.

Signature Bag Service

Handcrafted & Ecologic Soft Case for Unique Musicians