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Eco Flugelhorn Bag 2 of 2


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Eco trumpet bag made of used truck tarps, ad banners and safety car belts.

For this first model we chose a banner reminiscent of travel and old jazz club atmosphere. The brass and woodwind line will also soon be expanded for trombone and sax.

The Eco trumpet bag is internally padded with 1cm of high density foam that great protects your trumpet from any accidents. Soft ecological fur optimizes the protection of your trumpet and keeps it always clean.


  • Unique & Handmade Item
  • High protection
  • Rainproof
  • Hi density foam padding
  • Fits (almost) all acoustic trumpet modelssion_li_item]


1 in stock

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Eco Flugelhorn bag unique, handmade and ecologic

Flugelhornt bag handcrafted and ecologic. Made using Italian craft traditional techniques. This eco bag for flugelhorn is made with strong material like banner and safety car belt. Interior of the flugelhorn soft case model is padded and equipped with special internal pillows to grip and protect the most delicate parts of your flugelhorn. And hard board on the bell give more protection to your instrument. Two side pockets allow you to get extra space for accessories, phone and all you want to take with you. Each bag has unique pattern. Check it out in our stock or check our custom order service. Check out all the feature of CREA•RE eco bag for flugelhorn.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 30 cm
Weight & Dimensions

Internal Measures:
Leight 49 cm x height 18x27cm
Bell diameter: 18×27 cm

Weight 1.3 Kg


Ad banner, Safety car belt, Ecologic fur, Hi density foam


Hi density foam padding, Internal hard frame for bell protection, internal pillows to protect the flugelhorn

Travel experience

Two strong and practical handles made of car safety belt allow you to easily carry your eco flugelhorn bag.

The bag has also a removable shoulder strap made of car safety belt to carry your eco flugelhorn bag like a classic bag or like a backpack hallowing you to comfortable bring your flugelhorn by bike, skate, bus, train etc. In traffic and in nature. Even if rains thanks to the rainproof materials.


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